Lift Logic Controller

  1. Powered by 16 bit microcontroller providing complex functionality

  2. Compact Control Board with SMD technology

  3. RS 485 interface between controller and field

  4. Modular and simple wiring design within controller and shaft

  5. Separate LED indication for Input/ Output

  6. Built in Quick diagnostic and debugging feature

  7. Single design support standard/ V3F/hydraulic lift with Auto door/ manual door

  8. Support duplex, triplex, quadraplex up to 28 floors

  9. Short circuit protected & isolated input/output

  10. Over travel protection at extreme floor

  11. Sight programmable parameters using hand field IR interface unit

  12. Support encoder/proxy/read switch for floor sensing

  13. Digital filtering for all input/outputs to eliminate malfunctioning

  14. Auto fan/ light operation for energy saving

  15. Maintenance / Auto mode operations on the controller –optional

  16. Position and direction indicator in control panel to monitor the car

  17. Wall mounted compact and robust space saving design

  18. Two tire safety interlocking-electrical/software

  19. Fireman operation with programmable floor

  20. Programmable home landing mode with floor no

  21. Electrically isolated power supply

  22. Line choke and breaking resister for V3F drive

  23. Controller supports most of the V3F drive

  24. Input voltage -230 VAC, 50 Hz and operating voltages 24 VDC

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