Door Operator Controller

  1. Great torque, low speed motor, torque can reach 8Nm.

  2. High output efficiency , the rotors of synchronous motor are of no wear and tear

  3. Energy saving, environmental protective. The rotors are made of permanent magnet material, no consumption of excitation current. The output efficiency of 47 W PM motor equals to that of 100 W –asynchronous motor.

  1. High speed core, 32 – bit CPU adopted as core, A strong guarantee for high performance control.

  2. Low noise, DIPM Power Modules Optimized vector control mode ensure the overall control performance

  3. Magnetic pole self-learning and door width self-learning can be completed by tact switch and push button. Speed parameters and torque parameters can be adjusted by knob switch, so it’s easy to debug the operator on site

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